December 9, 2016

img_6381Attorney Marc Lopez was on his way to Texas when the universe winked at him. As he was passing by a bar in the Indianapolis Airport, he spotted this promotional sign and couldn’t resist snapping a photo. In addition to a quality pun, this message also provided the theme for Attorney Lopez’s week at the National College of DUI Defense’s annual Serious Science Drug Seminar, which is dedicated to helping DUI / OVWI lawyers understand the science of how drugs interact with the human body. The seminar’s serious science subject matter consistently addresses topics such as forensic procedures for blood testing and common laboratory mistakes.

The first day got off to a late start at 7:00 p.m. and mostly served as an introduction to the science faculty: Dr. Kevin Schug is set to teach analytic chemistry; Janine Arvizu (who appeared as an expert witness in Netflix’s Making a Murderer) will present on laboratory quality control and metrology; Dr. Steven Oakes is covering pharmacology; and Dr. Andreas Stolz will be handling instrumental analysis. [Aside: Do you remember the Periodic Table of Elements that you learned about back in high school? Attorney Lopez was under the impression that this represented a complete list. It doesn’t. Occasionally, brilliant scientists will discover “new” elements that we never knew existed. Dr. Stolz is one of these brilliant scientists.]

Despite the lack of substantive content, this opening presentation served its purpose: it got everyone in attendance excited to learn from the absolute best. To describe these instructors as being at the top of their respective games would be an immense understatement.