Here at Marc Lopez Law, we want to make sure that you make the best decision when choosing an attorney¬†for¬†your legal matters. We want anyone that contacts us to get as much information and the best advice possible, whether they hire us to represent them or not. Below you will find written testimonials from clients that want to share their experience. In many cases, our clients tell us the reviews they read about our firm played a very crucial part when deciding which attorney to hire. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, take a moment to hear from fellow Hoosiers that have been in your shoes and chose Marc Lopez Law to fight their case for them.

I hired the Marc Lopez Law Firm for my DUI case and they got me the best result possible . . . Mr. Bailey went out of his way to get me the result that I wanted out of this case and I couldn’t be happier . . . I highly recommend the Marc Lopez Law Firm, they are nice people who will make you feel like you have an ally on your side.

– Ted, January, 2020


Marc and his team are incredibly knowledgeable about criminal defense, especially DUI defense. They make it a top priority to stay at the forefront of the latest developments in their practice areas. They are aggressive advocates and passionate about obtaining results for their clients.

-Jordan, February, 2020


After meeting and speaking to Mr. Lopez in person I felt totally at ease . . . My outcome exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the Marc Lopez law firm for anything you may need.

– Juan, September, 2020



Marc is the best DUI lawyer Indy has to offer. Very professional team. . . Matt did amazing on my case, I highly recommend this law firm!

-Bianca, September, 2020



From the first phone call, I knew the Marc Lopez Law Firm was there for me. Matt Kroes made this process as easy as possible and was able to alleviate so much stress during a difficult time. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable.

-Raeanna, October, 2020



Marc and his team have truly helped through a difficult time. Matt Kroes . . . was honest with me and told me everything that can happen during the case. I felt that I was being represented by a quality man and I was right . . . Cassandra Karkiewicz was a huge help in helping me understand what needed to be done to be successful during this case . . . I am extremely grateful to Marc, Matt Kroes and Cassandra Krakieswicz.

-Bryan, October, 2020

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