Attorney Marc Lopez is just back from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer’s 2011 Defending Drug Cases Seminar.  A recent client asked Attorney Marc Lopez why was Attorney Marc Lopez was attending a drug seminar when his practice is focused on defending people against Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated (DUI / OVWI) charges.  Attorney Marc Lopez’s answer was simple. Because Police Officers are arresting more and more people for DUI / OVWI and the only allegation of intoxication is the Police Officer’s statement that the person is driving while “drugged” and is intoxicated.

Indiana’s definition of “Intoxication” states that a person can be intoxicated with alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs or any combination of alcohol and drugs.  In Attorney Marc Lopez’s practice he is encountering more and more people charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated (DUI / OVWI) when there was absolutely no alcohol involved.  Most of these people who are charged are taking medication prescribed by a doctor and taking the prescribed dose.  Police Officers, in their zeal, have begun arresting everyone and “letting the courts figure it out.” This is wrong.  And Attorney Marc Lopez is fighting back.

A significant portion of this seminar was spent on fighting the bold assertion that the “lab is always right” and challenging lab analysts.  While Attorney Marc Lopez has routinely been requesting and receiving the basis of lab results, most attorneys do not.  People are pleading guilty to O.V.W.I  / D.U.I charges and going to jail based on faulty science, bad lab work and lazy attorneys.

If have been arrested and charged with DUI / OVWI call criminal attorney Marc Lopez today.  He has significant experience helping those charged with DUI / OVWI.  Attorney Marc Lopez is not a “dump truck lawyer” looking to plead you guilty as soon as possible.  Fight back.

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