If you’re charged with an Indiana DUI, you may have to worry about losing your driving privileges before you even go to court. But did you know that there’s something called specialized driving privileges that can allow you to keep driving while your case is pending? 

Suspended but Not Yet Convicted? 

You may be wondering, Isn’t it unfair if my license gets suspended while my case is pending since that’s punishing me before any outcome of a potential case? I’m innocent until proven guilty, right?  

The answer is yes, you are innocent until proven guilty. The problem is that when you first get a driver’s license, you essentially agree that if there’s probable cause that you were driving under the influence, the BMV can administratively suspend your driver’s license. But don’t worry, specialized driving privileges can be a lifesaver for those who are facing Indiana DUI charges. 

The Answer: Specialized Driving Privileges 

The first thing to know about specialized driving privileges is that they are 100% up to the judge’s discretion. Some won’t allow driving while the case is pending, while others are more sympathetic to your situation. 

Specialized driving privileges can allow you to drive for necessities like work, childcare, and medical appointments. But they are not for going to dinner, the movies, or to go on a date. 

Part of the Deal: An Ignition Interlock Device  

It’s also important to note that most judges will require an ignition interlock device if you’re granted specialized driving privileges. This is a device that you have to blow into every time you start your car in order to prove your sobriety. 

The interlock device is not convenient, and it will periodically demand breath samples while you’re driving. If you’re ordered to drive with an interlock device, you need to be careful about using anything that contains alcohol—including mouthwash, or even cologne. 

Make the Right Call  

If you find yourself facing Indiana DUI charges, don’t panic. It’s crucial to call an experienced Indiana criminal lawyer who can help navigate the process and keep you on the roads if at all possible. The Marc Lopez Law Firm handles cases like these every day. Give us a call at 317-632-3642 and remember—always plead the 5th!