If you have been arrested for an Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, DUI / OVWI, you need to be aware of Indiana’s Habitual Traffic Violator / HTV statutes.  You could be facing a serious license suspension.

One of the more common Habitual Traffic Violator / HTV statutes allows the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles to suspend a person’s driver’s license for five (5) years if that person has ten (10) judgments within ten (10) years for nine (9) minor traffic violations and at least one (1) judgment for a “major” traffic offense, such as DUI / OVWI.  For the purposes of this statute equipment and parking violations do not count.  So a person who has gotten one ticket a year for the past nine (9) years and is then arrested for an DUI / OVWI could be facing a five (5) year license suspension.

Another common Habitual Traffic Violator / HTV statute calls for a person’s driver’s license to be suspended for ten (10) years if that person has has accumulated three (3) judgments of a certain type within ten (10) years.  The three (3) judgments must from, among others, DUI / OVWI, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.  If you are arrested for your second or third DUI / OVWI within ten (10) years, you need to know that your driving privileges for the next ten (10) years may be on the line.

Remember, these Habitual Traffic Violator / HTV punishments are in addition to the punishment the State seeks to impose for being arrested for DUI / OVWI.  When you are arrested for DUI / OVWI you need an attorney who has experience dealing with these types of charges.  It is important that you fully understand the impact of what the State is trying to do to you.

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