Attorney Marc Lopez spent an entire day learning about the Intoximeter’s EC/IR II breath testing machine works.  This is important to Attorney Lopez’s DUI / OVWI practice as the EC/IR II is the breath testing machine Indiana has chosen to replace the BAC Datamaster. The day long seminar concentrated on how the machine worked, the science behind the testing and the limitations of the machine itself.  This as an amazing seminar open to any and all DUI / OVWI attorneys.  While attorneys from as far away as Ft. Wayne and Evansville attended, only two Indianapolis attorneys attended, Atty. Marc Lopez and Atty. Brad Keffer.  

If you or someone you care about has been arrested for Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated (DUI / OVWI) please talk with an attorney that has taken the time to know, understand and how to attack these charges.  Call Attorney Marc Lopez at 317 489-9611 or contact him through email.

Indiana's new breath testing machien

Indiana’s new breath testing machine, the EC/IR II.