Mandatory Jail Time for DUI / OVWI

If you have been convicted of a DUI / OVWI charge in the past you will likely be facing mandatory jail time if you are convicted of a subsequent DUI / OVWI.   The law in Indiana requires that people who have a one prior conviction for DUI / OVWI be “imprisoned” for at least 5 days.  If a person has two prior DUI / OVWI convictions then that person must be “imprisoned for at least ” 10 days.

If you are facing your second or third DUI / OVWI, then the minimum mandatory jail time is the least of your worries.  It is likely the State will ask for much more than the minimum time to be served in jail if you are convicted or choose to accept a plea.

When you are facing DUI / OVWI charges and you have a prior DUI / OVWI conviction it is more important than ever to hire experienced legal counsel to represent you.   Experienced counsel can assess the strength of the State’s case, identify the legal and factual issues and determine what the best course of action is for you.

When you are facing DUI / OVWI charges and you have a prior DUI / OVWI the stakes are considerably much higher.  You are facing jail time, increased license suspensions of up to ten years and significant fines and costs.  You need an attorney who can help.  Call Attorney Marc Lopez today at (317) 489-9611 or contact him through e-mail.

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