Other Practice Areas

Personal InjuryInjuries or death caused by someone else’s neglect or wrongdoing are devastating and overwhelming to deal with. Insurance Companies can be a hassle and are only out to pay you the least amount of money in order to get your case written off. Attorney Marc Lopez understands how sensitive these cases are and has your best interest in mind. Call today so Attorney Lopez can get you the compensation you deserve.

Drug Charges: Indiana Law recognizes two types of drug possession. The first is actual possession and the second is constructive possession. If you are being questioned or arrested for a drug offense, you need to talk to Indiana Defense Lawyer Marc Lopez.

Expungement: Most individuals convicted of crimes experience long lasting negative effects of having a criminal history. To be eligible to expunge your criminal record, you must meet certain requirements. To discuss expungement in more detail, contact Attorney Marc Lopez.

Driver’s License: Indiana’s new Specialized Driving Privileges are very broad and inclusive. If your license is suspended, we can likely help you get back on the road while your case is pending. For more answers, contact Attorney Marc Lopez.